DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Save You Money

Posted on January 6, 2014


DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding does not come cheap. In fact, many couples forego walking down the aisle to save money. Yet, it is every ladies’ dream to be a beautiful bride – to wear a dreamy wedding gown and looking her best. She would want her family and friends to be around to share her special day – a day of beautiful beginnings with the man she loves.

If money is a challenge, there are many ways for you to save while preparing for the big wedding day. All you need is to plan and organized every detail and choose some of the things that you can do yourself to save you some cash. Some attention and innovation on your part could save you quite a reasonable amount of money. Here are some do-it-yourself wedding ideas that are sure to ease the burden on your wallet.

Food arrangements

The costliest aspect of most wedding ceremonies is the food choices. The weddings of today demand a huge variety of food items to satisfy wedding guests with diverse choices. Thus, most people would hire caterers to decide upon what food served based on their menu and price. However, if you want to save money on food, perhaps hiring amateur cooks or having some friends to help prepare the menu is a good idea. You can find a good cooking team, as well as, do a little bit of shopping to choose the right ingredients in making that perfect meal for your guests.

Floral arrangements

Without a doubt, flower arrangements make each wedding beautiful. However, it can also cost a lot! So perhaps if the wedding is a few months away, dealing with the local nursery to handle the arrangement will save you money. For those who wish for a less natural alternative, use of paper and plastic flowers at discounted rates will also save you money.

Venue decision

Another costly aspect when preparing for the wedding is the cost of renting a venue. Typically, an average city venue could cost hundreds, even thousands of bucks, based on its location and amenities. However if you happen to be a member of a church group or other social groups, you can have access to halls at much reduced rates or even for nothing at all. In case these circles won’t work, you can have your wedding party at your own backyard will surely cost you less.

Wedding dress

All tailors usually charge wedding dresses a lot more than what they would charge on average. Bridal gowns cost no less than a fortune to buy. But there are alternatives for saving on dresses too. If the bridegroom wants the suit only for a day, then perhaps renting a tuxedo is a really good option. Similar option can be used by the bride too. Borrowing for the wedding day makes better sense as such dresses usually end up on lying in your closet for the coming years without much use.


If you opt for professional photography services, it will probably cost you a fortune to hire for a day. But in this age, why opt for such expensive ones? Hire a photographer from your family or anyone you’re your circle of friends will surely cost less. If the prospective photographer is a newbie, for sure, he will make an extra effort to ensure that your wedding pictures are special. He may even be thankful for the opportunity that you gave him.

Saving money on the extras

You can save a lot of money on those extra stuffs too, if you are careful enough. Instead of printing out wedding invitation card, you can come up with a really good digital invitation card to send to your family and friends via the Internet. With plenty of low cost alternatives in the market, instead of renting the brittle ceramic plates and cutleries for a day, you could use recyclable plastic plates, glasses and cutleries. Expenditure on alcohol too can be reduced by opting for cheaper discounted options from stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

Hence if you are planning to organize a wedding that fits your budget, there are ways to reduce the cost. The lack of money should not stop you from walking down the aisle, blooming and beautiful ready to start a new life with the man you love. Even if you don’t plan to organize a cheap wedding, some attention and careful planning on your part will definitely save you money in many ways. Happy Wedding!

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