Catering for Foodies

Posted on January 6, 2014


Catering for foodies

Foodies aren’t necessarily any pickier than anyone else, they just understand that sometimes it takes a little more effort to find, or prepare, great food. This post is all about catering for foodies, and to prove that it`s possible to get amazing, impressive food at a catered event. Catering companies usually fall into two categories. There are the ones who are dedicated to providing a unique and inspired menu to perfectly suit the event, the location and the season with a focus on local foods, and there are catering companies that have freezers full of all sorts of typical appetizers and main courses, nothing adventurous or unique, just the type of stuff that`s “good enough” but just isn’t going to impress anybody. Can you guess which one of those are preferred by, and often owned by, foodies? If you guessed the former, you`re obviously correct. Foodies have an appreciation and respect for their food and their menus that others don`t, and when it comes to catering an event – why settle for anything but the best?

Catering Trends in 2013 and 2014

Catering for the sake of catering just isn`t good enough anymore, the food has got to have a purpose. Eating food that was grown or raised locally is very on-trend lately, and it really stands out when a catering menu uses all-local ingredients. Also, green is still in. Not the color, but rather organic food from sustainable sources.

A big trend in catering is to be adventurous! Rather than trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (Mac `n cheese, hot dogs, the type of things you would find on a kid`s menu…), why not introduce some variety to your function? It is okay if every single person doesn`t like every single dish, in fact that means you`re doing something right. Any well-catered event should have something for everyone, with a combination of old favorites and new tastes alike.

Inspired Catering for Foodies

Catering for Foodies

Inspiration is a key ingredient for catering any event. We`re already taken a look at the biggest current trends, so now let`s shine the spotlight on a couple of specific examples.

In the past, “a burger and fries” might have been good enough but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as a “Fresh bun from the bakery down the street, lightly toasted with garlic and organic butter featuring a grass-fed grade-a angus beef patty made with oats and free-range eggs, nested a-top a bed of organic baby kale and spinach, served with sweet potato fries that have been topped off with a dash of Himalayan sea salt,” now does it?

Being a foodie is all about trying new things, thinking outside the box and when you`re travelling, eating like the locals do! A foodie who spent a day in Melbourne, for example, recommends a place called Silo. The breakfast at Silo is sourced entirely from local farmers, and actually foraged by the staff themselves! You can`t get any more local than that. Nothing at Silo goes to waste, and they only use recyclable products so you can keep a clear conscious while eating here, to go along with your belly full of delicious, nutritious food to help you start the day off right. Their menu features things like Pumpkin Chestnut Soup, Pine Mushroom Garlic Brown Rice Risotto, Carrot Pancakes and whatever else is fresh from the garden and in-season.

Final Thoughts

Catering should be exciting, the next dish should leave the crowd in suspense of what`s coming up, eagerly anticipating the new ways in which their taste buds will be delighted and challenged. Imagine a world where nobody ever tried anything new, what a boring world we would live in! You don`t have to be a foodie to appreciate great catering, but it helps. Some catering companies, usually the smaller ones or the ones who just love food, are willing to work with you to create dishes that will combine your vision with a foodie`s touch, to allow for an unforgettable dining experience.