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How to Make Sushi Rolls for a Charleston SC, Catering Event

May 28, 2012


Do you want to make the perfect sushi roll? Here are some classic recipes that would guarantee any event to be a success. CLASSIC SUSHI Kappa Maki – Kappa Maki also known as cucumber rolls is easy to make. That is why it’s one of the  most popular sushi rolls. Ingredients Seaweed sheets (Nori) 1 […]

Is Sushi Rolling Part of Your Grocery and Healthy List?

May 21, 2012


Sushi rolling has become a front runner in mainstream dining and is very much available at thousands of buffets even the refrigerated goods section in supermarket stores even in fast food chains and the gas stops where freshly packed sushi sits to be bought. Decades ago, sushi rolls was just simply served as a five […]

The Nirvana of Sushi Rolling: Are You Catering Sushi for Your Event?

May 14, 2012


Increasingly making a popular waves throughout the world is the Japanese “makizushi” or what we commonly known as sushi rolls. As it has become a big hit for events, to have sushi rolls served to your guests for the delicious and out of this world exotic cuisine experience, less hassle, pro-health and artistically created ‘sushi’ […]