Planning Small Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding in Charleston, SC

Posted on January 10, 2014


Planning Small Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding in Charleston SC

Congratulations! He popped the question, you said yes, now it’s time to start planning.

If you’ve determined a small wedding is what you’d like, Ginny Severs, the expert behind Circa 1886 Restaurant’s special events, has some pointers.  When the planning process is kept simple and straightforward, you can focus on all those other fun details.

Here are just a few tips on planning an intimate rehearsal dinner or a small reception for you wedding in Charleston, SC.

Choose a Unique Location

Going small is a great thing – especially in Charleston. In a city celebrated for its history, take the opportunity to host an event in one of Charleston’s renovated historic homes and restaurants. Our city has a treasure trove of small and unique venues for wedding festivities. Remember to think outside of the box (or house!) as well. Plan a cocktail reception in a garden or courtyard at (or near) the venue. Some of our most memorable weddings started off in the courtyard.

Focus on the Food and Wine

A historic property like Circa 1886 offers so much natural ambiance and charm. Why not put floral and décor on the backburner and showcase the food and wine? Show out of town guests why Charleston has achieved its foodie town status. Knock their socks off with an incredible menu. Serve some dishes with fresh, local ingredients. If your restaurant or vendor has a specialty, showcase it! Our restaurant is often recognized for its wine, so oftentimes our Sommelier leads the charge in menu planning. He will select wines and the culinary team will create a menu based on his choices. Many restaurants present the option of customizing an event menu or choosing from a predetermined hors d’oeuvres or banquet menu.

Not sure which direction to take? Let’s chat about your budget, your favorite foods, your favorite wines, and we can lead you in the right direction.

Choosing Vendors

If you’re stuck between two florists or need recommendations on great photographers in the area, many venues have a list of trusted and preferred vendors. We keep a list of vendors that are very familiar with our property. These folks know their way around and make events look especially beautiful and polished.

Never Underestimate a Seating Chart

The bride and groom are so very popular! Everyone in the room will want to sit near you or next to you. Take some time to make a seating plan for the big day so you’ll have time to eat and enjoy everyone in your company.

Stay in touch

The more communication you can provide your venue with, the better. Keep your venue abreast to any changes in the size of your wedding party – in those final 72 hours especially. This of course, is the most critical time for you as well! You might want to delegate any last minute venue communication to a trusted family member or maid of honor who has been integral in the planning process.

Now that the hurried holiday season is over, call us and let’s get your wedding planning underway! Contact Ginny Severs at 843-853-7828 or