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Catering for Guests with Special Dietary Requirements

March 7, 2014


Catering for Guests

You’d hate to plan a large party and not have enough food for everyone, right? Well there are more considerations than just the quantity and the quality of the food being offered.

Whenever catering for any event, large or small, it’s important to take into consideration any special requirements the guests may have. Are there any guests with allergies? How about special dietary needs?

Those two questions can be enough to make a caterer afraid to try anything exotic or unusual for fear of leaving some guests out from enjoying the meal. Not to worry though.

With just a little forethought and planning, any even

Planning The Perfect Dinner Party

March 3, 2014



Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be a great way to impress your friends with your culinary skills or introduce yourself to new acquaintances. Television programs such as Come Dine With Me have helped to increase the popularity of dinner parties, as well as a number of TV chefs who have delved into the world of home cooking for larger parties.

When planning your perfect dinner parties there are a number of aspects you must bear in mind, everything from the food to offer to the tablecloths you use to decorate. By ensuring that these are in good order you can help ensure that your gathering is a hit with your guests.


The most crucial c

Get the Most Out of Your Caterer

February 27, 2014



For many people, cooking not is their prime forte. If this is true for you and you are planning to host an event, perhaps the food should be left to the professionals. The best part of having an event catered is that you have creative license with the food and don’t have to cook any of it. You can just enjoy it along with the rest of the guests. But what are some of the best ways to get the most out of your catered experience? Here are a few helpful hints to make sure that your event has the best food and experience.

1) The Essentials

Every catered event begins with a budget and size discussion. Before a professional caterer can even begin a

Vegan Catering Tips: Your Meatless Dinner is served!

February 25, 2014


vegan catering

Years ago, an upscale catered affair meant caviar, heavy, cream-soaked dishes, and prawn cocktails whilst the guests smoked the night away. If something wasn’t appealing to your particular taste buds, well, that was just too bad.

Of course, times have certainly changed, and the catering industry has changed along with them. Many people are requesting fresher, lighter and healthier fare, and today’s caterer acknowledges that tastes and lifestyles are widely varied, and will be able to create dishes that will tantalize his entire clientele.

The primary reason for hiring a caterer is to ensure everyone’s dietary preferences will be, well, catered to, so first things first: let’s nix the idea that ve

Charleston Caterer Tips: Healthy Catered Dishes

February 24, 2014


Healthy Caterer

If you have an event in which you are aiming to impress, save yourself the hassle and have the event catered. Spend time to focus on perfecting your event and leave the other stuff to the caterer instead of spending all your time grocery shopping, cooking and making preparations. Just remember that you want to have a menu that is filled with delicious, filling and healthy options so that everyone that comes to your event will leave satisfied and smiling. Here are a few suggestions that you can bring to your caterer for your healthy event.


Vegetable trays are a little out of date and ranch dressing is the least healthy salad dressing you can offer. Instead of dip, try something like

A Food Lover’s Guide to the Best Finger Food

February 20, 2014


Best Finger Food

People tend to think of the guest list, atmosphere or goodie bags as the best parts of any event or party, but the food is an element that should never be overlooked. Underwhelming food options can put a certain tone to an otherwise good time. People do not want to drink as much, don’t want to stay as long and it gives the appearance of cheap service. But if you don’t have a large budget to work with or the event will not be going for terribly long, then some delicious and portion controlled finger foods could be just the ticket. So for your next event, give your guests what they really want: a great time and some yummy treats.

1) Sliders

When you’re serving finger food, it is important to remember three

How does the Services of a Professional Corporate Caterer Help?

February 17, 2014


Professional Corporate Caterer

Organizing a corporate party is way different from holding a casual get together with friends and family. Satisfying the high- profile guests in a formal and sophisticated manner requires you to take note of certain factors. In the present- day business culture where socializing and widening your network is gaining increased importance, the success of a corporate party can actually get beneficial contracts for a business. However, the question is how to organize a perfect corporate event? You must remember in this respect that it is essential to obtain specialized and professional help of the corporate catering companies that can serve your purpose in the best- possible mann