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Three Recipes That You Should Never Forget to Include On Your Wedding Buffet

October 30, 2013


Wedding buffet is becoming popular in this century. Aside from saving more money compared to the standard sit down meal, it also allows a happier feeling during your wedding reception. But, what are the recipes that you should never forget to include on your wedding buffet? Crab and Bay Shrimp Ingredients: 1 cup buerreblanc sauce […]

How to Start a Career in Catering

October 29, 2013


Career in Catering

Catering involves the provision of food and beverage services at a hotel or any other appropriate location where various events take place. To many, it may look pretty simple: just cooking food and serving it. That is too basic, the reality is that there is much more to it than it seems. Like other careers, catering needs thorough training, hard work, and talent in order to succeed. Caterers also have to learn related subjects in areas of accounting, marketing and public relations, besides the knowledge of the food and drinks. It is a competitive and challenging field but with a promising end. So, how can someone start a career in catering?

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Incorporating Color Psychology into Your Next Event

October 22, 2013



A strategic color palette can be your secret weapon to making sure that your celebration, wedding, charity gala or event is a success. Without us even realizing it, an environment’s hues influences our temperament, energy and appetite, so use some basic color psychology to convey the desired theme and mood.

Before we look at specific colors and the moods and responses that are associated with them, let’s think about some other information you need to know first in choosing colors for your event.

What are the preferences of the organizers?

Color can definitely set the tone of an event, so be sure to check with the hosts about what feeling they would like to convey. Of course, there will be times in whic