Posted on October 30, 2014


H. Fan.

Hailey and Rhett were absolutely AMAZING and a pleasure to work with! My wife and I knew Holy City Catering was the perfect caterer from our wedding once we had our initial visit with them. They are very kind people that are willing to work with whatever budget you have planned for the wedding. Specifically, our wedding was planned by ourselves, so Hailey and Rhett together gave us advice on how many dishes we needed, how the event space could be set up etc. Hailey and Rhett are especially great to work with when you have some event planning experience, but not with weddings in particular. They are flexible, from doing large fancy events all out to modifying a menu to fit our budget better. They have some preset menus that give you an idea of what the per plate cost would be and are happy to tinker with it to fit budget or taste. Rhett is an awesome chef! His Shrimp and Grits dish was the crowd favorite at our wedding and super delicious. For our wedding, Hailey was essentially in charge of all the vendors (food, bar, and rentals, with set up). She is a fantastic communicator and would respond to any questions and concerns that we had immediately. This made it possible for us to have a very organized family member be the day of coordinator, because there were less people to coordinate with. Hailey and Rhett were both very aware of what needed to happen during our wedding and whenever they had time put in the extra effort to make the wedding better. Some examples are proactively deciding to wipe all the white ceremony chairs clean while setting them up, picking up rose stems and scattering the petals artfully when putting the chairs away, and reminding us to give her a timeline. Holy City Catering does not do the bare minimum, when your event is happening, they'll be doing everything in their power to make it the best it can be. I'm so glad we supported a family run business. They are great for practical couples. Overall, we would highly recommend Holy City Catering and their staff! They are the best!
Date Published: 10/05/2014
5 / 1 stars
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