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The Main Reasons to Start a Catering Business

December 27, 2013


Catering Business

By making the decision to start a catering business, one must have knack and aspiration for cooking and preparing dishes. That is good idea to make hobby as source of income. To love what you do is the essence of success. So love for cooking is actual and the main reason of catering, for the beginning. However this is not enough, love and desire can be motivations, nevertheless it is a well-known that to start catering business one must have certain plan, assistants, and the most important contributions or in other words initial capital.

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How to be Healthy in a Catering Party?

December 26, 2013


Catering Party1 It has always been said that what one eats on a regular basis determines how healthy they are. When the eating is always done at home, then regulating it is easy. However, when dining out or attending a party, there comes the need to make sure that one is careful as to what they eat. On the other hand, it helps to bear in mind that a great party does not necessarily need to have lots of junk. Therefore, one can come up with ways of having a healthy catering party by following some of the tips mentioned below.

Choose food wisely:

The leading catering firms have a variety of foods that can be order by clients for any type of party. This means that the person organizing the party

Impress Your Guests: Five Must-Haves For Your Holiday Party

December 20, 2013


Holiday Party

Whether this is the first time entertaining guests at your home, or if you are a seasoned party planner, there a few must-haves or any party. With the holidays coming up, don’t leave out these items for your party:


While some may say decorations look tacky, it really helps with the mood of the party if you do it right. You should decorate both the inside and outside of your home to help set the tone for the type of party you are having. With the holidays coming up, consider decorating with white, red and green colors that compliment your home. Poinsettias are a great option, giving your home that holiday feel while looking very elegant. A few strands of

Fun and Exciting Shower Party Games

December 19, 2013


Shower Party Games

Bridal showers are so much fun especially when it is planned and organized well by the friends of the bride. Aside from a scrumptious buffet, the host should think of fun and exciting games that are all about the bride. Bridal shower organizers have to think up all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to keep the guests entertained and make the bridal shower a memorable one for the bride.

Here are some fun and exciting shower party games

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is a favorite bridal shower game that creates a creative spark among guests. Divide your guests into groups. Give them rolls of toilet paper. Ask them to dress up one of their members a

Best Catering Hotels in the World

December 18, 2013


catering hotels

Have you ever dreamed of the leisure of a home while travelling? Self-catering hotels are then the answer for you. They offer you a chance to enjoy all the comforts of your home even in a new destination at a reasonable price. What makes self-catering even more advantageous is the fact that you get to interact with the local people, get the insight of their life, enjoy the beautiful ambience from the comfort of your hotel and yet not worry about the privacy.

Facilities provided

Self-catering hotels are essentially a home away from home. Generally these hotels have apartments housed inside the hotels to help give the customers the feeling of a home.

A kitchen with all the basic amenities will be there in all <

Unforgettable Dessert for Your Wedding Day

December 17, 2013


Wedding Day Dessert

2013 has been a huge year for weddings so far, with some very notable styles and trends emerging. One of the fresher styles in 2013 has been the emergence of feathers. We`ve seen feathers used as centerpieces of tables, we`ve seen dresses absolutely covered in feathers, a feather pinned to the tuxedo of the groom and a lot more. Depending on how bold you`re feeling, you can do with minimal plumage or go all out – either way, you can`t go wrong with feathers in 2013! Another hot trend in 2013 has been long wedding dresses, likely inspired by Kate Middleton`s gorgeous dress that went on for days. The final wedding dress trend worth mentioning is that

Catering Tips: Surprise Your Guests with Creativity in Your Meals

December 16, 2013


Surprise Your Guests with Creativity in Your Meals

When having a dinner party and catering for guests we often lose the run of ourselves in the kitchen and forget to be creative. It is fun bringing that spark back into your cooking and creating dishes you know your guests will never forget. Use your imagination and come up with aesthetically beautiful and tasty dishes that are guaranteed to blow your guests away. Do not forget to be health conscious. Obesity and childhood obesity levels are at epidemic levels so it is always important to be mindful of ingredients and portion sizes. Here are a few ideas to help surprise your guests with creativity in your meals.