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Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Event

January 20, 2014



There are many steps of planning that are required when planning an event. Look at all the elements that make up what you are trying to accomplish and put them into action. No matter the event you are trying to plan, there are certain steps that need to be taken in every situation. Be prepared to follow through with these, creating the best atmosphere possible for the gathering you want to put on.

Assess your event

The first thing you need to do is assess the type of event you are planning. How much of the event will focus on the catering based on other activities? What types of people are going to be attending the event? How many people will be there? These are all questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan the cate

Find The Perfect Wedding Caterer

January 17, 2014


Wedding Caterer

Creating he perfect wedding is every person’s dream but in reality it can be extremely difficult. One of the things many people struggle with is finding the best way to feed your guests.

Some couples opt for just finger food and others prefer a sit-down meal. Regardless, it can be difficult to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. This is where a wedding caterer may come into play.

It can be an awful amount of work to prepare the food, cook the food and lay it out during your wedding day or the night before, so hiring a wedding caterer is highly recommended. Finding the perfect one though can be a task in itself.

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration:


How to Make Catering for Your Business Party a Breeze

January 13, 2014


Catering for Your Business Party

Planning a business party that provides food and beverages can oftentimes feel overwhelming, especially when you are in charge of the entire planning process for all of your employees or an entire office. Making the catering for your business party a breeze is possible with a bit of prepping and an adequate amount of research on the catering companies that are available to cater near you.

Set a Budget

Before you can begin planning for the catering of an upcoming business party you are planning, it is important to set a budget in place. Having a budget in place ensures you are not overspending on foods, drinks or entertainment for your guests.

Consider Your Gu

Planning Small Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding in Charleston, SC

January 10, 2014


Planning Small Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding in Charleston SC

Congratulations! He popped the question, you said yes, now it’s time to start planning.

If you’ve determined a small wedding is what you’d like, Ginny Severs, the expert behind Circa 1886 Restaurant’s special events, has some pointers.  When the planning process is kept simple and straightforward, you can focus on all those other fun details.

Here are just a few tips on planning an intimate rehearsal dinner or a small reception for you wedding in Charleston, SC

DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Save You Money

January 6, 2014


DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding does not come cheap. In fact, many couples forego walking down the aisle to save money. Yet, it is every ladies’ dream to be a beautiful bride – to wear a dreamy wedding gown and looking her best. She would want her family and friends to be around to share her special day – a day of beautiful beginnings with the man she loves.

If money is a challenge, there are many ways for you to save while preparing for the big wedding day. All you need is to plan and organized every detail and choose some of the things that you can do yourself to save you some cash. Some attention and innovation on your part could save you quite a reasonable amount of money. Here are some do-it-yourself wedding ideas that are

Catering for Foodies

January 6, 2014


Catering for foodies

Foodies aren’t necessarily any pickier than anyone else, they just understand that sometimes it takes a little more effort to find, or prepare, great food. This post is all about catering for foodies, and to prove that it`s possible to get amazing, impressive food at a catered event. Catering companies usually fall into two categories. There are the ones who are dedicated to providing a unique and inspired menu to perfectly suit the event, the location and the season with a focus on local foods, and there are catering companies that have freezers full of all sorts of typical appetizers and main courses, nothing adventurous or unique, just the type of stuff that`s &#8220