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Tips for Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Event

January 20, 2014



There are many steps of planning that are required when planning an event. Look at all the elements that make up what you are trying to accomplish and put them into action. No matter the event you are trying to plan, there are certain steps that need to be taken in every situation. Be prepared to follow through with these, creating the best atmosphere possible for the gathering you want to put on.

Assess your event

The first thing you need to do is assess the type of event you are planning. How much of the event will focus on the catering based on other activities? What types of people are going to be attending the event? How many people will be there? These are all questions you should ask yourself before starting to plan the cate

Impress Your Guests: Five Must-Haves For Your Holiday Party

December 20, 2013


Holiday Party

Whether this is the first time entertaining guests at your home, or if you are a seasoned party planner, there a few must-haves or any party. With the holidays coming up, don’t leave out these items for your party:


While some may say decorations look tacky, it really helps with the mood of the party if you do it right. You should decorate both the inside and outside of your home to help set the tone for the type of party you are having. With the holidays coming up, consider decorating with white, red and green colors that compliment your home. Poinsettias are a great option, giving your home that holiday feel while looking very elegant. A few strands of

Fun and Exciting Shower Party Games

December 19, 2013


Shower Party Games

Bridal showers are so much fun especially when it is planned and organized well by the friends of the bride. Aside from a scrumptious buffet, the host should think of fun and exciting games that are all about the bride. Bridal shower organizers have to think up all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to keep the guests entertained and make the bridal shower a memorable one for the bride.

Here are some fun and exciting shower party games

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is a favorite bridal shower game that creates a creative spark among guests. Divide your guests into groups. Give them rolls of toilet paper. Ask them to dress up one of their members a

Incorporating Color Psychology into Your Next Event

October 22, 2013



A strategic color palette can be your secret weapon to making sure that your celebration, wedding, charity gala or event is a success. Without us even realizing it, an environment’s hues influences our temperament, energy and appetite, so use some basic color psychology to convey the desired theme and mood.

Before we look at specific colors and the moods and responses that are associated with them, let’s think about some other information you need to know first in choosing colors for your event.

What are the preferences of the organizers?

Color can definitely set the tone of an event, so be sure to check with the hosts about what feeling they would like to convey. Of course, there will be times in whic

Catering Thanksgiving With A Twist

August 29, 2013


Now hold on – I know Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and cranberry sauce, but hear me out on this one. The tradition of Thanksgiving is over 200 years old and an event to bring people together and share in a bit of indulgence. While turkey, taters, and dressing is good and all, why […]

Plan The Best Party With Caterers At Charleston

September 17, 2012


As Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Having this mindset is important especially when organizing an event. Any host would always want the occasion to leave a lasting impression to invited guests. In this regard, event planning becomes necessary for the success of a celebration. Catering is […]

The Fabulous Charleston Cocktail Party Catering

September 3, 2012


Hosting a cocktail party is a wonderful way to entertain a diverse guest list of friends, acquaintances or colleagues and is sometimes called a cocktail reception. Some wedding events are preceded by a cocktail hour where guests may socialize while enjoying drinks and appetizers. Event organizers use the cocktail hour to give guests a chance […]