Catering 101 – Easy Ways to Throw An Amazing Party Every Time

Posted on March 19, 2014


Catering 101

Throwing a great party starts with great food. While many people are not sure what to serve for a particular function, they have many more choices then they realize. The best thing about throwing a party is the infinite choices that people have in feeding everyone at the event and theming the party towards something that really sings to them. With these simple tips, everyone can get a party that is going to be exciting for everyone who attends and delicious at the same time.

Choose A Theme That Is Food-Related

The party could have an island theme and feature island-inspired foods. The party could be a barbecue and feature actual barbecued meats or a wine and cheese night with treats from The party could also be a tailgate themed and feature hot dogs, brats and hamburgers. There are tons of ideas to choose from and really to only limitation is your imagination!

The beauty of working with a caterer is that the caterer can take the theme for the party and expand on it to include all kinds of interesting takes on the foods that people would expect at the party. Specialty hamburgers and hot dogs for a tailgate takes on cucumbers and tropical fruits for an island-themed party or specially-barbecued and smoked meats for a barbecue can all be done by a caterer. These special menus can be one-offs for the party that will never be seen again. If you were thinking of catering the party yourself you can be sure to go to the website of a specialty food supplier to get discounted snacks for your get-together.

A Full Bar or Special Drinks

Working with a caterer to have a full bar at the party or special drinks made by the chef can bring more life to the party. When the chef is invited to make special drinks to suit their cuisine, the food shines even brighter because the drinks match the food precisely. With this freedom of options, the caterer can make it feel like the party is being held at a restaurant that is only serving the food the host wants to serve. This is a great way to bring a party to life and keep everyone happy at the same time.


Bringing a caterer to a party that serves dessert is truly the icing on the cake for a great party. Any caterer can make great food, but working with a caterer who makes great desserts helps to round out the evening and make it extra special. People who are already full on amazing food will still take their shot at a great dessert that the caterer made just for the special occasion.

For your next party make sure that you are open to all options available to you as working with a caterer makes parties more delicious, more lively and more satisfying on the whole. These tips will help you a little with the direction of the party before it even starts!

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