How to Have Fancy Hors D’Oeuvres

Posted on March 17, 2014


hors d'oeuvres

When you are trying to plan a get together, or celebration there are a multitude of factors to consider. Things like location, guest lists, themes, cocktails, and food are the paramount concerns but when focusing on these parts, many people seem to forget to plan the hors d’oeuvres. They may not be the focal point of your party but when they are not good, they can put a tone to your event that you may not appreciate.

Hors d’oeuvres function the same way at parties that appetizers do in restaurants. They are meant to awaken the appetite, get people excited about the food and get them enjoying something as soon as they enter your soiree. When you do not take the time to plan something original, it sets the tone for the rest of your event. So take some time to think about what you want to serve in order to elevate your party to the highest level.

Your next concern is likely, what if I cannot afford Kobe beef sliders with octopus skewers? Your concern is understandable. It seems superfluous to spend most of your food budget on the smaller items that people will eat in a few bites. Well, your reasoning is sound but your assumption is incorrect. As Charleston SC catering specialists can tell you, you can serve delicious hors d’oeuvres without having to break your budget. Let’s go over a few of these suggestions and see if they can make your party one to remember.

1. It’s All About Appearance

They say that about third of our sense of taste comes from the appearance of the food. If you ever watch those cooking competition shows, there is a reason that someone can lose points with a sloppy plate appearance. That is because people become excited when they see their food. When it has a pleasant appearance, our brain is tricked into making it taste much more appealing. So when you are planning your hors d’oeuvres, think about what you will be placing them in. Instead of the usual toothpicks or cocktail napkins, use ramekins or small glass serving spoons. People can eat the food easier, and they can appreciate a pretty presentation.

2. Mix it Up

When you are trying to impress at an event, and you are in charge of the hors d’oeuvres, having the entirety of your selection at one temperature can give a tepid response. By using a mix of hot, cold even liquid hors d’oeuvres, your guests will have a greater variety of options and tastes to choose from. You could alternate passing fruits, pasta salad, sushi and then try to pass the warm meats, sauces and other choices. Changing paces and keeping your guests guessing will have them excited to see what the rest of the party will hold. Try to match-up your mix-up by pairing them with a variety of wines chosen from the wine bar in New Orleans. Anything that’s a little out of the ordinary will leave your guests saying, “wow!”

3. Use Unusual Ingredients

Now remember, unusual doesn’t have to mean expensive. For example, instead of serving chicken fingers, try chicken parmesan meatballs. Instead of chips and dips, try garlic hummus with warm pita bread. Instead of deviled eggs, try to give your guests a warm chicken salad inside of shelled eggs. It is all about giving them something that they have not seen before.

If you are having trouble finding recipes that you want to try, look through online catering and food blogs, culinary magazines or try to replicate your favorite appetizers. There are millions of suggestions that you can adjust to your taste, theme and budget. Just remember that you do not have to spend a million to make your party feel like it is worth that much.

This post was written by M.G. Bachemin in association with Pearl Wine Co. in New Orleans, LA. For more information about wine pairings, visit

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