Planning The Perfect Dinner Party

Posted on March 3, 2014



Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be a great way to impress your friends with your culinary skills or introduce yourself to new acquaintances. Television programs such as Come Dine With Me have helped to increase the popularity of dinner parties, as well as a number of TV chefs who have delved into the world of home cooking for larger parties.

When planning your perfect dinner parties there are a number of aspects you must bear in mind, everything from the food to offer to the tablecloths you use to decorate. By ensuring that these are in good order you can help ensure that your gathering is a hit with your guests.


The most crucial component of any dinner party, as the host you have the chance to show off your culinary skills, or just cook a familiar favourite for your guests to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to flick through your cookery books and choose recipes from your favourite chef or cook something familiar to you it is important that you are prepared. Leave yourself plenty of time before your dinner party and make sure things are prepared, particularly if you’re serving something that can be quickly cooked but may need marinating a day or so beforehand.

Make sure that you also offer alternatives for any guests with dietary requirements or food allergies such as nuts or dairy. To add a touch of variety for the rest of your guests, perhaps make a little extra to give them something to try along with their plateful.


Another crucial component of any dinner party is the plonk on offer. Make sure you do your research into which wines are best served with which type of food – including white wine with chicken or fish and red with game meats – and ensure that there is plenty on offer before, during and after the meal.

As well as having some wine on offer, make sure you have drinks such as beer and cider available for any guests who might prefer a pint with their meal.

Supermarkets these days will usually have a wine guide to help advise you on which wines are best served with which dishes, alternatively there are still a number of specialist wine shops which can offer expert advice.


Making sure your table looks presentable can help in making your guests feel comfortable during their meal. If you’re cooking a certain type of dish, why not jazz up your table decoration with something that fits the theme? This can help provide your guests with a giggle while they tuck into their food.

Even if you don’t want to dress up your table to fit a theme, it’s important to ensure your table still looks good from the napkins to the fabric tablecloths.


After everybody’s eaten their meal, make sure that there are some alternative seating arrangements after. Ensure your living room has enough room for all your guests to sit and converse after you’ve eaten, perhaps offer an after-dinner drink and light nibbles for after the meal.

By ensuring that you meet the needs of your guests, have plenty of drink in the cabinet and give them a comfortable place to chill after the meal, you can ensure that your dinner party goes with minimal stress.

Remember to leave yourself plenty of time to get things done, ensure your guests are entertained and have a drink in hand and try not to stress about it. And above all, have fun with it and enjoy playing host.