Get the Most Out of Your Caterer

Posted on February 27, 2014



For many people, cooking not is their prime forte. If this is true for you and you are planning to host an event, perhaps the food should be left to the professionals. The best part of having an event catered is that you have creative license with the food and don’t have to cook any of it. You can just enjoy it along with the rest of the guests. But what are some of the best ways to get the most out of your catered experience? Here are a few helpful hints to make sure that your event has the best food and experience.

1) The Essentials

Every catered event begins with a budget and size discussion. Before a professional caterer can even begin asking for your food preferences you need to have these questions decided. Caterers will help you decide your options based on what you can afford, and they will provide as much as they can within the budget to feed your guests.

2) The Impression

The type of event that you want to host is going to the be the key to determining what kind of food you would like to serve. Furthermore, it will determine the caterer that you decide to employ. Do you want something classic, eclectic, comfort, casual, high quality, foreign? Do you want table service, buffet style, or passed hors d’oeuvres for your event? Is this a family, corporate, or celebration event? Questions like this can help make determinations for your food and alcohol selections.

3) The References

When you hire a person for your company, you’re sure to check references, right? Well the same logic should be applied toward selecting a caterer. Bad or insufficient food can kill a party faster than the cops showing up, so be sure to check where your caterer went to school, other events they have catered and what the impressions were of the food presented. Asking and checking references now can save you tons of time and frustration later.

4) The Staffing

Someone is going to have to serve the menu you have determined. Staffing is an important part of not only your event but also important when selecting the caterer. If a catering company does not treat their employees properly, it will show at your event. And unpleasant staff makes for an unpleasant event. If the staff is doing a great job, a small tip for the group is always incredibly appreciated.

5) Cleanliness and Safety

If the caterer will be using your kitchen to create your event’s food then you are hopefully aware of condition of cleanliness. But if the food is prepared at a separate location, it is really anyone’s guess, isn’t it? Asking for a tour of the facilities or just asking what type of cleanliness or safety implements the company has in place can determine the level of experience and professionalism.

Whatever style and cuisine you plan on using for your event, just remember to be the leader so that your event will reflect your tastes and ideas. Bon appetit!

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