Charleston Caterer Tips: Healthy Catered Dishes

Posted on February 24, 2014


Healthy Caterer

If you have an event in which you are aiming to impress, save yourself the hassle and have the event catered. Spend time to focus on perfecting your event and leave the other stuff to the caterer instead of spending all your time grocery shopping, cooking and making preparations. Just remember that you want to have a menu that is filled with delicious, filling and healthy options so that everyone that comes to your event will leave satisfied and smiling. Here are a few suggestions that you can bring to your caterer for your healthy event.


Vegetable trays are a little out of date and ranch dressing is the least healthy salad dressing you can offer. Instead of dip, try something like hummus with warm pita bread. A tablespoon of hummus only has 25 calories and hummus can be modified for a variety of flavors and palates. You can have spicy, savory, classic, whatever you want.

Soups are another great way to implement healthy appetizers at your event. Instead, the usual broccoli and cheese soup, try cauliflower and spinach. The cauliflower binds the soup beautifully while the spinach provides tons of flavorful nutrition. A complex tomato bisque always goes over well with guests, just be sure to have some club soda handy in case anyone spills.


A great salad is a quick and easy way for you to provide healthy options for guests at your event. Instead of just the usual green salad with a creamy dressing, try something interesting like a caprese salad. A caprese salad is a combination of ripe tomatoes, slices of mozzarella cheese, sweet basil, olive oil and a little salt and pepper. People can eat with their fingers or forks, either way because when all of the ingredients combine in one bite, it is a tasty and filling salad. Another implement you could make for most salads is to try using vinaigrettes instead of high-fat and sodium dressings.


The best entree options to have for a catered event should be a protein like chicken or meat, a fish option, and possibly a vegetable pasta dish for vegetarians. Make sure your dishes are loaded with veggies and that the portions are reasonable. If people feel too full, they become sleepy and lethargic, which is not the energy you want for your event. Sushi could be an interesting entree choice, as it is filled with vegetables and seafood it is quite filling but low in calories. Plus it can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge saving your caterer so much time.


Dessert is the most important part of any meal and believe it, or not you can actually have healthy options for your catered event. Try a delicious ambrosia salad of fruit, yogurt, honey and nuts. Low fat cheesecake is also a great option for portioning and can always be enhanced with a fruit compote or low-fat whip cream.

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