Find The Perfect Wedding Caterer

Posted on January 17, 2014


Wedding Caterer

Creating he perfect wedding is every person’s dream but in reality it can be extremely difficult. One of the things many people struggle with is finding the best way to feed your guests.

Some couples opt for just finger food and others prefer a sit-down meal. Regardless, it can be difficult to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. This is where a wedding caterer may come into play.

It can be an awful amount of work to prepare the food, cook the food and lay it out during your wedding day or the night before, so hiring a wedding caterer is highly recommended. Finding the perfect one though can be a task in itself.

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration:

  • How much will it cost?
  • What menu do you want?
  • Do you want the company to supply the cake and cutlery too?
  • Will the wedding caterer be supplying the alcohol?
  • Is the company experienced?
  • Do you want the wedding caterer to work at your wedding or do you want them to work from their kitchens?

Once you can answer these questions, you can narrow down your search.

Cost is important. Every wedding has a budget and fitting a wedding caterer into that can often mean sacrifices. Finding a reasonably priced, professional company is hard, but they do exist.

Menu is another important element. Ultimately, this can make or break a wedding caterer. If they have a menu that you like and think your guests will like, you’re onto a winner. A lot of the top wedding caterers can adapt their menu’s to suit you though, so remember the menu isn’t set in stone. You can find out what friends and family like before you approach a wedding caterer to determine whether they can accommodate your preferences within their menu.

The extra trimmings like the cake, the cutlery and the alcohol are not always supplied by the wedding caterer but they can be, so ask for prices with or without this.

Experience is vital when employing any company, even more so when dealing with food. Ask friends and family whether they have used a wedding caterer before. See what they advise or who they recommend. Reviews can be usually good to go from, so ask around but having years in the industry speaks a lot more than a few reviews.

Location of the wedding caterer could be influential too. If you would prefer for the wedding caterer to work outside the venue but close-enough so they can relay the food as and when you need it, you need to opt for a company close-by. If you would prefer a company to wait hand and foot for your guests, then their location is irrelevant as they can work at your wedding reception.

Finding the perfect wedding caterer is never an easy decision to make but neither is choosing the perfect dress or the invites. This process can be made a whole lot easier when you are prepared though. Get some quotes from a few different companies and narrow your favourites down, but the tip is to do it with plenty of time before your wedding.

Author: Thomas is a lifestyle blogger, specialising in weddings and other celebrations. He recommends Somerset wedding caterers , Dine With Style.