Impress Your Guests: Five Must-Haves For Your Holiday Party

Posted on December 20, 2013


Holiday Party

Whether this is the first time entertaining guests at your home, or if you are a seasoned party planner, there a few must-haves or any party. With the holidays coming up, don’t leave out these items for your party:


While some may say decorations look tacky, it really helps with the mood of the party if you do it right. You should decorate both the inside and outside of your home to help set the tone for the type of party you are having. With the holidays coming up, consider decorating with white, red and green colors that compliment your home. Poinsettias are a great option, giving your home that holiday feel while looking very elegant. A few strands of lights are also a great choice that makes your home look great without spending too much money. You may have a beach-themed bathroom with seashells scattered on the shelves, or gorgeous pictures sunsets in your home, but get rid of anything that doesn’t flow with the theme for the party.

Dress the part

Your guests should be able to look at you and instantly know what holiday they are celebrating, and who the host is. Although they already know what the occasion is, dressing festively always brings a special aura to the party. It doesn’t have to be a sweater with a big pumpkin on it for Thanksgiving, or a vest lit up with Christmas lights. It is more about your color choices and accessories that will make a lasting impression.

A variety of delicious foods

Just because it’s a specific holiday, it does not mean that you have to stick with the traditional foods that are typically served. Feel free to mix it up a little to make a lasting impression on your guests. Try spicing things up by stuffing different ingredients into mini taco shells for a tasty appetizer. The filling for your mini taco shells does not have to be Mexican themed either, as the taco shells can serve as a vehicle to deliver many types of cuisines. You can make any of your foods stand out with a few unique garnishes that look great.

Interesting drinks

Wine and beer are holiday party staples, but if you really want your party to stand out, then create a signature mixed drink. To ensure that everyone is accommodated, you’ll want to create both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version of your drink. The fact that you went to that extra trouble will definitely speak for itself.

Something to take home

You should always have something special for everyone to take home with them. Unique ornaments, or a holiday themed glass are both relatively inexpensive to purchase in bulk. Every time your guests look at their gift they will remember your wonderful party.

Your holiday party can be a huge success by following these simple tips. Your guests will likely be talking about your party for a long time, and might insist you throw one every year. Don’t be afraid to try something different this year to impress your guests.