Fun and Exciting Shower Party Games

Posted on December 19, 2013


Shower Party Games

Bridal showers are so much fun especially when it is planned and organized well by the friends of the bride. Aside from a scrumptious buffet, the host should think of fun and exciting games that are all about the bride. Bridal shower organizers have to think up all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to keep the guests entertained and make the bridal shower a memorable one for the bride.

Here are some fun and exciting shower party games

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is a favorite bridal shower game that creates a creative spark among guests. Divide your guests into groups. Give them rolls of toilet paper. Ask them to dress up one of their members and create a wedding gown made out of the material. The best looking toilet paper wedding dress wins!

Purse Raid

This is pretty much like the “Bring Me What I Want” game that people do at children’s parties. The host lists down things that women usually have in their purses. These things are called out one by one and the first one to bring the item being asked for wins.

Pass the Bouquet

This is like a child’s game but still great fun at bridal showers. Everyone is asked to form a circle. A bouquet is passed around as the music plays. When the music stops the one who is caught holding the bouquet is taken out of the game. This goes on until only three to four winners are left.

What is She Wearing

This may have been done in all bridal showers but is still a big hit. The bride is asked to go to a separate room. The guests are given pen and paper and are asked to list down what the bride is wearing. The guests will try to recall everything that they have seen on the bride. The ones with the most detailed list wins.


We all know how to play pictionary. You simply divide the guests into two groups. One member from each group will draw something for their group to guess. When they fail to guess what the picture is then the other group can steal. Of course the choices that they draw have something to do with the upcoming wedding or they may be details about the bride and groom.

Lingerie Quiz

This is a naughty game that is usually done during slumber party-themed bridal showers. Set up a clothesline in the party area. Each guest is asked to bring a lingerie gift for the bride. As they enter the venue, they have to hang their gift on the clothesline. By the end of the party the bride guesses the name of the person who brought each lingerie. The ones that she guesses right wins a prize. The bride also gets to bring home a new lingerie collection from her guests.

Memory Lane Mysteries

This is a funny game that allows everyone to reminisce happy memories about the future bride and groom. As guests enter the venue they are asked to write down a happy or funny memory about the bride. All these are put in a bowl and are read one by one by the host. The bride is asked to guess who among the guests wrote the note. The ones she gets right wins a prize.

Wedding Night Words

This is another naughty trick to play on the bride. As she opens her gifts the host lists down the things that she says like “oh how cute!” or “Wow! It’s gorgeous!” After all the gifts are open the host reveals that she has been writing down all the things that the bride has said and will read them out in a seductive bedroom voice as if it was what the bride would be saying on her wedding night. Everyone will surely get a kick out of it.

A bridal shower only happens once in a lifetime so the host of the party has to plan for an event that no one will ever forget. These fun and exciting shower party games really bring life to the party and make it a memorable night for the bride and her friends before the big day.

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