Unforgettable Dessert for Your Wedding Day

Posted on December 17, 2013


Wedding Day Dessert

2013 has been a huge year for weddings so far, with some very notable styles and trends emerging. One of the fresher styles in 2013 has been the emergence of feathers. We’ve seen feathers used as centerpieces of tables, we’ve seen dresses absolutely covered in feathers, a feather pinned to the tuxedo of the groom and a lot more. Depending on how bold you`re feeling, you can do with minimal plumage or go all out – either way, you can`t go wrong with feathers in 2013! Another hot trend in 2013 has been long wedding dresses, likely inspired by Kate Middleton`s gorgeous dress that went on for days. The final wedding dress trend worth mentioning is that lace sleeves are IN! But we`re not going to focus any more on wedding dresses or styles; it`s time to talk about dessert!

Wedding Cake Trends

The coolest thing going on right now is the naked cake. Basically, you don’t add a bunch of icing to the outside of the cake, you just stack the layers of cake with some icing and decorations on top, and a thin layer of icing in between each layer of cake leaving the sides exposed. You can add some fresh fruit, and you’ve got yourself a slightly-healthier alternative to a typical cake that`s covered with pounds of sugary icing.

Another really cool wedding cake trend is to have several different cakes. It`s not all about having one massive, over-the-top cake anymore and some brides are choosing to go with 3, 4 or even 5 smaller cakes instead. This gives guests more to choose from, and it saves you from having to pick just one flavor!

Wedding Dessert Trends

Wedding cakesA Goodnight Station is a really cute idea for a wedding reception. Before leaving, guests will pass a table with some treats on it, and this gives an amazing last impression. If the party goes late, why not serve some coffee or espresso that people can take for the car ride home? Fruit kabobs look adorable and who`s going to turn down a delicious treat filled with antioxidants after a night of celebrations? Another very important suggestion – CAKEPOPS! Why? Because everyone loves cake pops, that`s why.

Lately, eating healthier has been a big trend which can make things trickier for a bride who is trying to find the perfect desserts. Also, it`s good to accommodate for people with various dietary restrictions like vegans and those who are avoiding gluten. Having some desert choices for those with dietary restrictions is always a very nice gesture that won`t soon be forgotten. We already talked about fruit kebabs, but also talk to your baker about creating some gluten free cupcakes or cakes, and maybe some options for vegan desserts too. Along with people that have dietary restrictions, there are always people who are watching their weight so it`s important to have something for everyone, even if they can`t enjoy the main wedding cake.

Looking Forward to That Special Day

Planning a wedding is tough work, and you can`t plan for everything but you can certainly do your best! There are going to be small things that don`t go exactly as planned on your wedding day, it`s inevitable, but putting a little extra thought into your wedding cake and desserts and making sure there`s something that everyone can enjoy can do a great deal to diffuse a tricky situation like a grumpy mother-in-law who refuses to eat the cream cheese on top of the cupcakes.

Mary Ann Keeling is a business consultant who follows trends in the wedding industry. She dreams of making a beautiful and memorable Newcastle wedding for herself in the near future with a little help from her girlfriends, who know how to make the perfect wedding day.