Keep the Kids Entertained During a Catering Party

Posted on December 13, 2013


Catering Party

As Christmas approaches we are all likely to be entertaining more guests than usual and hosting plenty of dinner parties. For those of us whom have children it can be difficult to figure out how to keep them entertained while catering for your party. Of course include them in the catering but be mindful of portion sizes thought, as they can make a big difference both for your pocket and may contribute to obesity which is growing at epidemic levels. Here are a few ideas on keeping the kids entertained during your catering party. Take a look!

If you have children of varying ages to keep occupied, it is a great idea to get the older children involved in entertaining the younger ones. These suggestions are guaranteed to keep everybody happy.

Quiz Time

Organize a quiz the day before the party. Make question and answer cards and have prizes ready to be claimed. The older children will be able to act as quiz-master while the younger ones will have so much fun answering the rounds. By having prizes up for grabs you are guaranteed to keep everyone interested, everyone loves winning fun prizes.

Face Painting

Perhaps one of your guests or one of the older children might volunteer to paint faces at the dinner party. You can buy a face painting kit quite cheap in your local supermarket. Kids love to have their face painted. Some options include a dogs face, a butterfly, spider man, or you could even try something Christmas themed! Your kids will have so much fun and their imaginations will run wild keeping them entertained for hours.


In preparation for your catering party it is a great idea to teach yourself how to make a few basic balloon animals. While you are waiting for your roast in the oven you could try mustering up some heart shaped fairy wings for the girls or a sword and belt for the boys. The kids will enjoy some balloon sword fights that will keep them entertained for the remainder of the catering party.

They’re just a few fun suggestions on keeping kids entertained at catering parties this Christmas season. If you have any other suggestions let us know. Have a very Merry Christmas!