How to Start a Career in Catering

Posted on October 29, 2013


Career in Catering

Catering involves the provision of food and beverage services at a hotel or any other appropriate location where various events take place. To many, it may look pretty simple: just cooking food and serving it. That is too basic, the reality is that there is much more to it than it seems. Like other careers, catering needs thorough training, hard work, and talent in order to succeed. Caterers also have to learn related subjects in areas of accounting, marketing and public relations, besides the knowledge of the food and drinks. It is a competitive and challenging field but with a promising end. So, how can someone start a career in catering?

Catering revolves around hotel and restaurant surroundings and there are a wide range of specializations involved .It ranges from food preparation and service, sales and marketing, culinary arts as well as management. It also entails working in a wide variety of environments ranging from casual to corporate dining, simple to five star hotels and military camps all of which can be either domestic or international. As a result, those with the passion for food and drink to cook, serve, sell or manage, have to possess the desired technical and interpersonal skills.

For this reason, one has to primarily attend a culinary school to be hired for positions of chefs and further obtain a college degree to serve in managerial positions. Mostly, those coming from a culinary school may begin as a cook assistant and with more experience and learning be promoted to become a cook, chef, executive chef and finally into management level.

Advantages of choosing a catering career path

With good passion and dedication, catering is a platform to showcase talents and creativity given that one is not limited to a specific menu as in a typical restaurant instead it gives room for a caterer to create own menus while incorporating the ingredients of choice. As a good caterer, you can never struggle to find work because caterers are always in demand and given that most catering companies that are hiring are subsidiaries of big hotel chains or highly successful restaurants, they can afford to give higher rates of pay.

Catering is not only confined to working for others. One can start a private catering business so long as there is enough capital, skills and experience to do it. This is actually a plus towards a state of being independent and one can only take a catering job only during a spare time. Another reason is that skills obtained in catering industry are transferrable and given that many catering companies operate in more than one country, it is easy to travel around even in cruise ships. For example, a trip to USA must need to obtain an ESTA approval if you are from an ESTA eligible country.

Advantages of pursuing a catering career in foreign countries

A career in catering especially if done in foreign countries will mean discovering new people, their culture and that country in general. For instance, the United States as a country comprises many cultures of people from all over the world; in fact, it is a representative of the world. Pursuing a catering career in such a place will mean having broad knowledge and experience can be applied and appreciated anywhere in the globe.