Caterers At Charleston SC Offer Great Food And Southern Hospitality At Its Finest

Posted on September 24, 2012


Charleston SC CateringThe southern charm of Charleston beckons to every tourist. This beautiful city in South Carolina is a living museum of American history. Travellers visiting the place for the first time get to experience its rich culture and heritage. In a horse-drawn carriage, visitors can take a tour of the downtown district to get a glimpse of historical buildings and sites. Well preserved antebellum homes offer a wonderful spectacle of lush gardens and classic arches. One can also explore beautiful plantations that tell stories of life in the colonial south. Popular beaches are likewise warm and inviting for a weekend getaway.

There’s more to Charleston than meets the eye. The city is also known for its authentic southern cooking and delectable cuisines. There are great selections of restaurants for your fine dining pleasure. You can likewise find professional food caterers who serve delicious food and local specialties in a relaxed atmosphere. From the kitchen of famous chefs, Hailey and Rhett Tanner, distinctive low country dishes and great tasting sushi will satisfy your palate. Holy City Catering offer a wide range of tempting menus including she-crab soup, the signature dish of locals.

Apart from low country recipes, the Charleston SC catering company serves all types of sushi dishes. Rhett is an expert sushi chef with years of experience in making authentic sushi rolls. Sushi making is considered an art, and only a cook with high skills can efficiently roll and produce the best flavor with great harmony of colors. There are lots of rituals involved in the preparation but anyone interested can learn the art by enrolling in Sushi 101, a sushi rolling class offered by the Holy City Catering. Learners can become experts in no time even without previous rolling capabilities.

Southern hospitality is what can best describe the caring and welcoming nature of caterers at Charleston SC catering company. Always serving customers with a smile, residents and vacationers often call on them to provide private chef services at different locations. They also offer food catering services for weddings, birthdays and other special events. Anyone visiting this Southern state should never miss the good food and hospitable charm of the people from SC catering. The delicious treats they put on your table only show tastiness and southern hospitality at its finest.