Charleston SC Wedding Celebrates A Great Love Story

Posted on September 10, 2012


Charleston SC Wedding“Behind every great love is a great story.” Such words best describe the romantic drama film, The Notebook, based on a great novel with the same title by Nicholas Sparks. This 2004 film that narrates the love story of Noah and Allie not only touched the hearts of many people but also showed the beauty of Charleston. Filmed almost entirely in this city in South Carolina, the place is perfect for capturing a love affair. Charleston is considered a city of romance and is one of the top wedding destinations in the United States.

Having a Charleston SC wedding is a dream come true for most couples. With the city’s historic spots and beautiful locations, you can have one of the most romantic weddings ever. Centuries old plantations and English gardens provide the best venues where couples can step back in time and be truly isolated. Popular beaches and private resorts also serve as ideal places to have a small intimate wedding. Folly Beach and Isle of Palms have beach houses you can rent to host a select number of guests. Everyone can step onto the beach for the private ceremony.

A Charleston SC wedding reception is never complete without an experience of delectable and authentic low country cuisines. Hiring the best SC catering service will prime everyone’s senses as they taste the flavors of the finest dishes in America. Serve with southern hospitality, the food prepared by caterers at Charleston SC is made with the love and richness of tradition and culture. From grilled to roast to steam and boiled, getting a taste of southern cooking is a treat. With the romantic setup and backdrop, having your wedding in Charleston is the best decision by far.

Charleston SC CateringWedding is a huge event that requires a lot of preparation. Selecting the kind of menus to serve your guests is often a daunting task. With the help of a reputable Charleston SC catering service, you can plan the right food courses no matter what your budget is. From affordable and moderately priced selections to expensive and luxuriant choices, different menu packages are offered at the best deals. Their services make it hands free for you as you begin a new chapter in your life.

Charleston is a popular wedding destination for brides who dream of a romantic and beautiful wedding. Couples can take advantage of the many resources in the city to celebrate their big day. You can play out all the visions you had in your mind to make your story book wedding truly perfect. And like every fairy tale story, “they live happily ever after.”