Cocktail Drink Ideas for a Charleston, SC Wedding Reception

Posted on August 27, 2012


So you’re getting married and you’re a little stressed out in planning. Well after all the planning you also have to have fun since it’s your wedding day. So here’s an idea to make your Charleston, SC wedding reception fun and memorable. Instead of serving regular drinks; beers, wines etc. try different fun cocktail drinks to serve to your guests. Here are a few cocktail drink ideas.

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Glow in the dark cocktails

Glow in the dark cocktails is a fun party idea and it’s easy to make. Adding tonic water to your cocktail drinks is the most common way to make it glow in the dark, since it has a substance called quinine. If you don’t like the taste of tonic water, try a technique called double glass. Put a little tonic water on a larger glass then get a smaller glass and put whatever drink you want in it, then put the smaller glass inside the larger one, and put a straw to drink. You can also put glow in the dark sticks to at the bottom of your cocktails glasses, just make sure they are clean an sterilized.

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Jello Shots

Jello shots is creative way to serve alcohol in your reception. It’s also very easy to make and you can make on that reflects your wedding reception theme or reflects you. You can also make it a variety of colors and make more appealing and presentable to your guests.

Charleston, SC catering

Island cocktails

You might not be having your wedding on some fancy island far away but island drinks will guarantee to make  your wedding reception have a tropical feel to it. Island cocktails are always good for summer or beach weddings since their different fruits that can be combined in your drinks. You can ask your Charleston, SC catering service to help you make this or you can just hire a mixologist.

Charleston, SC catering

Signature drinks

You can serve the usual cocktail drinks out there, or you can find a signature cocktail that would be good for you and your groom. There are a lot of mixologists making signature cocktails right now, like “The Cherry Blossom” created by Richard Broni. Its basically a champagne cocktail with cherry brandy and rose petals served in a coupette. There are also a lot of different signature cocktails out there. Have fun looking for more ideas.

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