Victorian Themed Charleston, SC Wedding at Thomas Bennet House

Posted on August 13, 2012


The Victorian era is defined the era of elegance since it was an era of high morals, modesty and proper decorum. It’s also said that the Victorian era is where white wedding dresses popularized.  Queen Victoria of England (who the era was named after) wore a white laced gown to her wedding. Since then brides started to where white wedding gowns. In modern times brides to be still want a victorian themed wedding. Well if you’re one of those brides here are some ideas.

Charleston, SC wedding

Find a venue that spells out elegance. Old architectural houses with large beautiful gardens would be a nice pick. Places like Thomas Bennett House is a wonderful Charleston, SC wedding venue to host your victorian themed wedding. The exterior of the house is has exceptional plasterwork and the interior has a wonderful flee-flying staircase and chandeliers on the ceiling giving it an old elegant vibe. Right next to the house is a wonderful garden, where you can hold your wedding ceremonies or reception.

Charleston, SC wedding

It wouldn’t be a victorian wedding without lace and flowers so make sure you add some to you wedding decor. As for the colors pick pale hues such as blue, pink, lilac or a combination of those. You should have lots and lots of flowers. Victorians believed that flowers had special meaning like daisies represent innocence and orchids symbolizes true love, and the most important flower for them is orange blossoms it’s said to symbolize purity, chastity and the bearing of many children. So make sure to have one in your bouquet, even if its just a plastic version. Flowers such as hyacinths, tulips and pansies are also a good choice for your perfect Charleston, SC wedding event.

Charleston, SC wedding

The bride and grooms outfit are important to give your wedding a more victorian feel. Brides wedding gown should be made up of elegant lace and ruffles. Also victorian women use corsets to give them that hour glass figure. There are a lot of modern corsets available right if you choose to wear one. Grooms should wear black cutaway coats or frock coats or they can wear suits but they should wear a necktie instead of a bow tie.

Charleston, SC Catering

A victorian wedding would be held earlier in the day, and had what they called a wedding breakfast. So if you plan to do this you should have different kinds of teas, served in fine china. You should also try serving assortment of sweets or biscuits, delectable finger sandwiches and fresh fruits. You can also choose to have a dinner reception, your dinner menus should include savory roast beef, chicken or turkey or a delicious lamb rack. The drinks should be champagne or wine You should consult your Charleston, SC catering service of what to serve best. Victorian weddings usually do not have cakes at weddings but if they did they would go with fruitcake with white icing and orange blossoms for the decor. Once you’ve gotten every detail into place, just relax and enjoy your wedding.

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