Charleston, SC Wedding Reception Details

Posted on August 6, 2012


Most brides plan their wedding months in advance, but if you’re like me, you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a young girl. So its a must that everything goes smoothly on this big day. So here  are the details you need to remember in planning your wedding reception.

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  • Theme/Color

Before you can proceed to any other part of planning in your wedding reception you have to choose a theme or color. This is important important because it will lead to other decisions such as what will be the color of flowers for the decorations or what will the room lighting be like etc. Now you can pick only a color; for example if your favorite color is pink, go with pink flowers and different shades of pink for your room decor. If for example you choose only a theme; and go with Victorian themed wedding, you would picture out elegantly designed floral decor and lots of lace. So its important to talk to your Charleston, SC catering service on what you would like for your reception so they can set it up for you.

  • Table Centerpieces

So now you have chosen your theme or color for your wedding, it’s time to make the table centerpieces. You can have flowers to candles or both in your centerpieces depending on what you have decided the theme of your wedding would be. The important thing to remember is it should be eye catching but does not take too much space form the table since your guests will be eating at the tables, obviously. A great idea at weddings  right now is edible centerpieces. Most decorations gets thrown out anyway after the wedding reception, so these edible centerpieces would not be wasted, since it will be also part of dinner.

  • Tables

Before you choose a Charleston, SC catering company, don’t forget to ask them if they provide their own table or if you have to make rental arrangements. The number of guests coming as well as seating arrangement will decide the size of table you will be using. So its important to relay to your caterer the headcount of your guests and how many will be seated in one table.

  • Chairs

Again ask the caterer if they will be the one providing chairs. You may think that the chairs in your wedding reception are not that important and won’t really make a difference in your reception. Well think again because wedding chairs are as much part of the decoration as flowers and the likes. There are so many kinds of wedding chairs right now. From the ever popular Chiavari chair to the modern Ghost chair. Just choose one that suits the presentation of your reception.

  • Tablecloth & Napkins

Now in picking colors of tablecloth & napkins a little advice is that you contrast them, since it’s a little boring to just choose one hue for you reception. So just ask help from your caterer on what other shades matches the color you’ve chosen. Also in tablecloths you can choose either lap length or floor length depending on the style of your reception or your liking.

  • Silverware & Glassware

Upon meeting with the caterer, you can usually ask and have them show you what types of silverware and glassware they use for these kinds of events. This is so you can see if they are to your liking.

  • China

There are so many different china patterns to choose from. You can ask your caterer to show what kinds of china pattern or design they have or if you have on that you had set your heart to use you can try to ask your caterer if they can get it for you for your wedding reception.

  • Toasting Glasses

Couples right now just bring their own toasting glasses, so they can just keep them afterwards. And most weddings don’t serve champagne to guests anyway, since most weddings have open bars. So if you’re bringing your toasting glasses, just remember to bring them to the reception.

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