Keeping Up with the Catering Trends

Posted on July 30, 2012


Almost everyone has had their fair share of weddings. Whether you were a groomsman for the groom or that friend from out of town, you all have a story to tell.  And the story you might tell is how romantic it is to watch the bride-groom walking down the aisle and say their I dos. That is if only you didn’t have that dry piece of chicken at the reception dinner, now you don’t even remember what happened at the ceremony.  So it is very important to plan the wedding reception menu for every wedding, since most of your guests are attending the reception they are at least going to spend four hours at wedding. So it would be nice to actually give the a delicious dinner that would be memorable. So here are some trending catering trends for a memorable Charleston, SC wedding.

On to the cocktail hour

Charleston, SC Catering

So instead of having a formal sit down dinner with a five course meal, with so many table etiquette, why don’t we just go directly to the cocktail hour. More weddings now are just omitting the usual formal dinner and moving on to just serving Hors d’oeuvre and drinks. So instead of sitting the whole time waiting for the whole thing to end, they can dance and enjoy the party, while enjoying different appetizers and cocktail drinks being passed around.

More Bars than one

Charleston, SC Catering

Another wedding craze right now are food station or food bars. There are so many different variations you can decide on. If you love desserts have a dessert bar. You can have veggie bars for your vegetarian friends to potato stations for your grandparents. This will give your guests an opportunity to taste food that they don’t usually eat. This will also allow your guests to talk to each other while getting food from different stations.

Miniature Delights

Charleston, SC Catering
There are so many options on what to and how to serve food for your wedding reception. One option is to downsize everything and go miniature. Instead of serving large portions of food, you can serve different types of miniature dishes. You can ask your Charleston, SC Catering company for miniature versions of your favorite food. Like serving mini low country crab cakes and the likes. Your guest will sure enjoy every bite.

A Personal Touch

Charleston, SC Catering
Incorporating your own personal favorites or style in your wedding menu is a trend today. Whether it’s the bridegrooms favorite dishes or dishes on their first date or dishes incorporating their heritage, they all just try to add a personal touch to each dish. For example if the groom has some Japanese heritage they can serve sushi or have a sushi rolling station.

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