Guidelines in Choosing the Right Charleston, SC Caterer

Posted on July 16, 2012


Weddings are always great celebrations. This is the day couples profess their love for each other and vow to spend the rest of their lives for better or worse. But planning this celebration is a great task to handle. Especially planning the wedding reception, since most of your budget will go to feeding and entertaining the guests. The key is to find a great caterer. So here are some guidelines is choosing one.

1. What Do you need to do before choosing a caterer?  Charleston, SC Catering

  • Assess your budget

So basically you have to do a headcount as to how many guests are coming so you can assess how much you’re willing to spend. You also need to think if your wedding’s going to have a formal dinner or just a cocktail party. Then talk about your ideas with your caterer. Ask if they can work with your budget arrangement. Basically you’re trying to get a feel if their professionals and are good with their craft. Good Charleston, SC catering services can work with different budget range and can even give you tips on how to save money.

  • Decide the dinner arrangements

So decide what the arrangements are in serving the dinner. Are you going to have a full course meal, or a buffet or cocktails party; where 15 different Hors d’oeuvre can be passed around or set in stations. For example if you have chosen a formal sit down dinner you have to find a caterer who specializes in that area.

  • Plan a wedding menu

One important question to ask the caterer is if you can make your own menu or do you have to follow their menu. So if say you want a sushi rolling station at your wedding, you have to find a caterer that is able to do this this type of cuisine.

2. How do I find the right Catering Company?

Charleston, SC catering

  • Research & interview potential Caterers

Their are lot of ways right now to find a cater. But finding one that suits you r takes a time and a lot of thought. So try to search for some in different websites or different magazines and narrow your search to three, more than that would be too much to handle since there are other parts of your wedding that needs to be taken care of. So be sure to make a thorough search on each caterers client history.  Try to find previous clients comments, to see if they did a good job. Also when interviewing them ask them what their packages cover, and if it will include stuff like servers and the like. Also asks if they provide their own equipment. This is so you can see if you to request stuff like tables or chairs or if they can provide and take care of all these for you.

  • Schedule a tasting

Scheduling a tasting is one of the most important thing. This is so you can see if their food is top quality and is to your liking.

  • Check credentials

Make sure that the caterer is bonded and insured. Ask around for referrals and check credentials of  potential caterers. This is to make sure that you can get your money back if any accidents occur or if God forbid they cancel in such a short notice.

3. How to set arrangement with caterers?

Charleston, SC Catering

  • Call and confirm all the arrangement

After you’ve chosen the perfect caterer, call them and see if they are available on your wedding date. Then make all the arrangement and work out all the details for your reception with them.

  • Finalize the menu

Finalize your dinner menu talk over how your dinner arrangements go. Then inform them and make sure you tell them what would you exactly like on the menu.

  • Visit your venue

The caterer should be able to visit the venue. This is very important, so that the caterer can come up with a favorable layout of where everything will go.

  • Create timeline

You have to create a timeline for your caterer. This is so that they will know what time the reception will start and what time to serve dinner for you and your guest. This is also they can estimate the clean-up time.

  • Make a contract with them

Make sure to have an agreeable contract with your caterer. You can sign their standard contract if you are okay with it. But if you find anything disagreeable make sure you try to work it out. Such as what instances can you get a partial or full refund. Can you get your money back if you cancel or if they cancel. Make sure everything is visible in the contract so it won’t lead to a dispute. Then if everything has been worked out sign the contract and vou a’ la you have a caterer.

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