Avoiding Wedding Disasters

Posted on July 9, 2012


Here comes the bride! All the planning and stressing has been all for this day. Today is your wedding day and you want everything to be perfect. But just in case, here’s some tips on how to avoid those wedding disasters.

Wedding Day Blues

Charleston, SC wedding

The weather can be an unpredictable thing. So if it rains on your supposedly perfect Charleston, SC wedding, you can’t do much about it. So just make sure to plan ahead and pack an umbrella. If your wedding is outdoors then renting a tent would be the best thing to do just in case mother nature decides to make it pour on your big day. You should also check the indoor spaces available on your set date, so if possible you can move indoors. If you plan to have your reception in far place from your ceremony, make sure that everyone has a form of transportation, like available taxi services.

Makeup Emergency

Charleston, SC Wedding

You’re the bride and it’s your big day, so everybody expects you to be emotional. But looking your best on this day is a top priority. So what if you cry and you ruin your make up? Well what you can do is wear waterproof or smudge proof makeup to ensure that you still look your best, tears and all. Also if you’re not tight on your budget you can have your makeup artist stay behind until the ceremony is over so they can touch you up just before they take the pictures.

Stained Dress Disaster

Charleston, SC Wedding

Your at your wedding reception and suddenly someone spills their red wine on you. Don’t let this ruin your day, their a lot of ways to get stain out of a dress. You can try this; get a clean white cloth, soak it in water and try to dab the stained area until the satin is almost gone. Never rub the stained area, this will just make the stain spread and make your problem worse.  If the stain is still visible just put some talcum powder to cover it up. More importantly try to get the advice of your dry cleaner on how to get stains out on certain types of fabric.

No Show entertainers

Charleston, SC Wedding

So its time for the band or DJ to play at the reception but the problem is their not here yet. They might be stuck in traffic or got lost along the way. Whatever the reason is you’ve got to entertain your guests. So again there’s nothing you can do but plan ahead. Before the day of the wedding make sure you’ve got some emergencies CD’s, Ipods, laptops etc. So that if the entertainment doesn’t show up you can just play the CDs you brought and your guests can have some music to dance to for the cocktail party.

Too much company

Charleston, SC Wedding

So your guests who didn’t RSVP decided to show up at your wedding.  That would be nice for them to share this special day with you, but the problem is, you’ve already arrange the seating chart and told the caterer how many guests will surely come. You can’t always anticipate how many guests will come. Even if the people who didn’t RSVP does not actually come, your other guests might bring an extra date or you uncle might bring his new girlfriend without telling you. What you can do is, make sure you find a professional Charleston, SC catering service. A good caterer is always knows what to do in this situation. And sure, your guests might wait a little while for dinner to start, and the kitchen staff might work a little overtime, making you pay a little extra. But the important thing is that your happy and your guests are happy. So always make sure your prepared and allot a budget for these kinds of disasters.

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