Frequently Asked Questions in Planning a Wedding

Posted on July 2, 2012


Getting married is one of the most special and romantic experience in your life. But planning a perfect wedding is not as easy as it sounds. So here are some answers to a few of your frequently asked wedding questions that will help lighten your load.

Do I need a wedding planner?

Charleston, SC WeddingIf you have a budget for a wedding planner it’s a good idea to get one. Wedding planners will help you ensure that your wedding day will go smoothly as planned. Some of them have connections to some vendors you may need. This is good because they can help you get a discounts and save you thousand of dollars. But finding a great Charleston, SC wedding is not easy. So make sure find one that knows their craft. Ask them questions; like how many weddings they have done, and if they are willing to work with your budget. Asking for referrals is also a good way.

If you decide to plan your own wedding, you can always find some websites that can help you plan your wedding. All you have to do is list the the things you need to do and tasks that needs to be done.

How can I stay in Budget and still have my dream wedding?

Charleston, SC WeddingAccording to, weddings today will cost about $27,800 depending in the area you live in that is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dream wedding if you have a low budget. The important thing is that everyone enjoys your wedding. So just try to be creative. First you have to calculate how much you are willing to spend on the entire wedding. After that figure out your priorities, choose which area of the wedding will be costly and see if you can trim down those costs. For example you don’t have to have a full 5 course meal at the reception, you can try having a buffet or food stations where the guests can just pick out whichever food they want. Also if you’re going to have a bar, you don’t have to have every kind of alcohol there is, since you’re only paying per bottle that’s opened. You can also try to make some of the decorations in the ceremony. There are tons of magazines as well websites that can teach you to make home made wedding decorations.

What do you have to do before getting married?

Charleston, SC WeddingThough its nice to get caught in planning your whole wedding, don’t forget to prepare for your marriage as well. So the first thing you should do is try to get the details for you marriage license. Every state has different requirements. The basic thing you need is identifications such as driver’s license or any IDs that have your date of birth and current address. Your birth certificate may also be required, so its always good to be prepared. The best thing you should do, to be sure is contact your clerk’s county office and ask for your county’s requirements.

How do I choose a caterer?

Charleston, SC CateringThere are a lot of Charleston, SC catering companies out their but finding a good one is what your after. What you want to do is asks for their referrals or other clients testimonials. Its always nice to know what other people think of them. Also do some research on the caterers you have chosen, and see if they have done good jobs on their previous clients. Also ask them them questions like; can you work with my budget, are your menus limited, can we do a menu tasting etc. Don’t forget to ask if their bonded and insured as well.

Do I need to rent transportation for my guest to go to the reception?

Charleston, SC CateringThis depend on how far your reception venue is to where your ceremony was held. If your ceremony and reception is on the same venue or is just right around the block, then your guest can just walk to the reception. But if your reception venue is a little bit far, you can decide to rent transportation for them, if you have the budget for it. But if you don’t have the budget for transportation, you can always inform your guests ahead of time that the reception would be a different venue. It would also be nice to inform them of other transportation options, such as taxi service. If they have a car be sure to inform them of parking information. Or you can ask your venue if they can have for parking reservations for your guest. This would be a good idea since you don’t want your guests riding around for hours looking for parking space.

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