Planning and Catering for a Charleston, SC Rehearsal Dinner

Posted on June 4, 2012


Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to take one more step to get you closer to marriage. Rehearsal dinners are a gathering of family and friends in preparation for the wedding. It is usually held a day before the wedding. Its main goal is to get everyone socialized and ready for your big Charleston, SC wedding.

Layout your budget plan

Charleston SC Wedding Planning

Do a head count, and estimate the guests that are coming. Then take a look at your budget and make sure you only spend money on necessary details. You are not required to give out party favors if your budget does not allow it. The important thing is that your guests are well fed and entertained.

Selecting a theme

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Make sure the theme for your rehearsal dinner is different from your wedding. If your wedding is a formal event, a laid back cocktail party would be the best way to go. The main point of this event is to let everyone mix and mingle and get to know one another. A formal event would ruin the atmosphere, because everyone will try to mind themselves. Set the mood with good music for this nonchalant party, where everyone can just talk with each other. Classic yet upbeat music would be good for cocktail parties.

Choose a location

Charleston, SC venues

Choose a location that can fit all of your guests. The Founders Hall is a great Charleston, SC wedding venue but it would also be a great place to host your rehearsal dinner. The great Hall can accommodate up to 300 guests. It has good lighting which gives off that warm feel to the hall. They also have satellite TVs with audio visual capabilities; this is good if you have a lot of people to entertain. If you choose to invite a few family members and close friends, their lounge can accommodate 49 people ideal for relaxing cocktail parties.

Choose your menu then your caterer

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Choose the food you want to be served at the dinner first, so you can make sure that the caterer you choose can prepare the menu you like for the party. Also make sure that the menu for your rehearsal dinner will be different from the menu on your wedding day. Light yet filling food is a good for these kinds of events. Having a sushi bar and serving sushi rolls is a great suggestion since it’s easy to eat and there are different variations to it. Some Charleston, SC catering companies, offer Specialty sushi rolls. That would be good if you have vegetarian guests, then you can requests vegetables sushi for them.

Inviting your guests

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You don’t necessarily have to make invitations for the rehearsal dinner, since the people who usually attend the rehearsal dinner are the people attending the wedding. But if you’re not tight on budget and you want to make one, just make sure it’s not as extravagant as your wedding invitations. This is also good if you have out of town guests attending. You can write the directions of the location on their invitations. Also make sure you invite them 4 weeks before the event, so they can inform you ahead of time if their coming or not. This also makes it easier to decide on the seating arrangements on the wedding day, to make sure people know where they will be seated, who they will be sitting next to and whether they are comfortable where they are seated.

Give a toast

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After all that hard work, the couple should be the first to give a toast to their families and friends for their support. This also a good time to introduce the members of your wedding party as well as giving thank you gifts for the attendees. Then you can let close friends or relatives take over if they have something meaningful to say or any tall tales to share. And at the end of all the toasting just end everything with a thankful gesture or a “thanks for coming” pitch.

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