Some of the Best Lamb Dishes from Around the World found in Charleston SC Catering

Posted on May 24, 2012


Lamb is great for any occasion if you know how to cook it the right way. Derived from young sheep not exceeding one year old, lamb is a tender, succulent and delicious red meat that goes well with many different types of recipes and is also very agreeable to your digestive system. Eating the right amount of lamb is highly beneficial to your system because it is packed with nutrients the include proteins, vitamin B complex, iron, zinc, niacin and selenium. Compared to other red meat, it has a relatively high amount of monounsaturated fat that is good for your body and a relatively low amount of saturated fat which is bad for your health. You can buy lamb online or at your local cold store or order from a catering company service anytime you are in the mood for a delicious dish that contains lamb.

What is so great about lamb is that it can for a part of any recipe.

You can have it ground and cooked to eat with a burger, or boiled with cauliflower and turmeric the Indian style. You can cook it with yoghurt sauce and garlic or mint leaves. Tomatoes, olive oil, egg plant, coriander and mustard add flavor to it and give it a heavenly taste. There are hundreds of recipes you can make with lamb from Italian to Indian to Middle Eastern to anything you have a liking for. Some of the best lamb recipes from around the world include the following:

Roasted Rack of Lamb:

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This is a great dish for any kind of dinner. Encrust seared lamb with mustard, garlic and your favorite bread crumbs, and then roast it.

Leg of Lamb Italian Style:

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This is perfect for an Italian dinner, but can be had with any other dinner. Add lemon juice, garlic and seasoning to a lamb leg and roast the same to perfection.

Stuffed Leg of Lamb:

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This is perfect for formal dinner. Roll up a boneless lamb leg with goat cheese and spinach, and then roast it until fully cooked.

Lebanese Style Kibbee:

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This is a classic Middle Eastern recipe. Take some ground lamb, layer the same with pine nuts and bake until fully cooked.

Meat Pies (Sheefah) Mediterranean Style:

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This is a great Mediterranean region appetizer. Fill a puff pastry with a combination of ground lamb and beef and roast it until it becomes crispy.

Lamb Chops Indian Style:

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This a mouth-watering Indian dish that is favored by all who have ever tasted it. Take some lamb chops, marinate in Indian style sauce, add some spice and grill them.

Skewered Ground Lamb:

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This is another great traditional Middle Eastern dish. Take some ground lamb, add the necessary ingredients, put the meat on skewers and expose them to fire until fully cooked.

The above are just a few of the delicious from around the world. As you continue your search for more lamb dishes, you will find that some of best come from the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. That’s because lamb is a staple meat in those parts of the world. But there are scores of equally delicious lamb dishes around the world and each is as delightful to the tongue and the stomach as another. So, if you are too busy to go out, buy lamb online today to try these amazing recipes for yourself, your family and your guests.

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