A Charleston SC, Wedding Come True at The Island House

Posted on May 17, 2012


Every girl has a dream wedding, but making this dream come true  can possibly become every girl’s nightmare. From choosing the right date, location and caterers to host your wedding is a crucial decision that couples have to make.  And to help get out from this nightmarish situation, here are some helpful wedding tips in making the right decisions for this special day.

Charleston SC wedding

Choosing the right location

The Island House is a commendable place to hold weddings, especially if you would like a beach themed wedding or if you would like to hold your wedding near a waterfront. This place is a private island with stunning sunset views and a wonderful cool breeze that would set the mood for a perfect Charleston SC wedding.

The Island House

Choosing the wedding date

The right date depends on the location. If you choose a beach wedding as a theme, and chose a location near the sea the weather should coincide with this ambiance you have created. Usually for outdoor weddings like this, fall is a good season. The sky is beautiful, temperatures are cool, and the humidity is low. It is also good to check the weather forecast when you have reached the 10 day countdown for you wedding, just to make sure that it doesn’t rain on that day.

Choosing the Catering Service

Choosing the right caterers for your wedding is just as mind boggling as choosing the right dress. There are three things to bear in mind when choosing a caterer, they should be professional, knowledgeable, and well within your budget plan. A Charleston SC catering service is a good pick if you plan to do your wedding in the countryside.

The key is finding the right caterer who will make the perfect menu, for the best dining experience at the right price.

First off you should have already done your head count of your guest and then discuss your budget plan with them.  Food is the biggest expense at your wedding so be particular of your guests’ diets, so you can choose a caterer with a considerable amount of options of different dishes that can be served. A sushi rolling is a good pick for a beach wedding since it goes with the theme of your wedding.  Fruit cocktails are also a good pick to give off a tropical feel. Also ask your catering service if they will take care of everything, such as tables, linens and serving utensils, wait staff or if you will have to provide these things yourself. Also, make sure that they are bonded and insured. When you have established all these and have chosen a caterer, you are sure to have a stress free wedding.

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