The Nirvana of Sushi Rolling: Are You Catering Sushi for Your Event?

Posted on May 14, 2012


Increasingly making a popular waves throughout the world is the Japanese “makizushi” or what we commonly known as sushi rolls. As it has become a big hit for events, to have sushi rolls served to your guests for the delicious and out of this world exotic cuisine experience, less hassle, pro-health and artistically created ‘sushi’ masterpieces. Catering ‘sushi’ can be the healthiest dinner options for any event from birthdays, weddings, and even corporate functions.

But did you know that modern version of ‘sushi’ was invented by Hanaya Yohei (1799–1858) in Edo, Japan at the end of the Edo era. The sushi created by Hanaya was the early type of fast food that was easy to prepare quickly and not fermented.

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So, what are the four different types of sushi rolls?

First, we start with the Traditional Sushi Roll

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In following the Japanese custom, the traditional sushi rolls use of different varieties of seafood. They also contain blanched-sliced shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and fish. You need to have nori seaweed sheets, wasabi paste, cooked sushi rice, cooked octopus, salmon caviar, blanched asparagus spears, cooked prawns, thinly-sliced raw fresh tuna and salmon. To make your tradition sushi, place the nori sheets on your serving plates according to the number of people you will be serving. Spread the wasabi paste on the roll, add sushi rice, and arrange the other condiments on top. Then, roll your sushi and slice it before serving to your guests. The traditionally sushi rolls are wrapped with nori on the outside

Then, we dream of the California Roll

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Listening to Katy Perry’s California Girls would make you think about how eye attaching and mouthwatering the California rolls taste.

As interesting as it looks and delicious, the California rolls comes with a fascinating history back in the 1960s in Los Angeles, California were sushi chefs from Japan came to make their prosperity in the American dream. It was the Tokyo Kaikan restaurant that was the one to first feature sushi in their menu in Los Angeles. Their sushi chef, Ichiro Mashita, started substituting avocado for fatty tuna , which is called ‘toro’ in Japanese and after further successful experimentation, the California roll was created. He also eventually made the roll “inside-out” because the Americans didn’t like seeing and chewing the nori on the outside of the roll.

So, how do you make California rolls, you will need sushi rice, nori seaweed sheets, mayonnaise, sesame seeds, crabmeat, a peeled and thinly-sliced avocado and a peeled and thinly-sliced cucumber. Then, on a flat surface lay out the nori sheets and evenly spread the rice over them. The sesame seeds are sprinkled and the crabmeat spread out and with the mayonnaise on top. Before rolling up the sushi, add avocado and cucumber slices, and cutting it into ‘sushi’ bite pieces.

We proceed in savoring the Nigiri Roll

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It is often referred to as the ‘hand-formed sushi’, the Nigirizushi is composed of an oblong mound of sushi rice that the sushi chef presses into a small rectangular shaped box between the palm of the hands, commonly with a small amount of wasabi and a ‘neta’ or topping is draped over it. Usually, the ‘neta’ are tuna, salmon, or other seafood. There are particular ‘neta’ that are attached to the rice with a cord made of thin strip nori.

In making your Nigiri sushi, you will first need raw fish of your liking. It can either be a tuna or salmon. Then, you will need to have your cooked sushi rice, soy sauce and wasabi paste. Lay out the fist on a plate and spread some wasabi on top. Next, you will be slicing the fish into small and thin pieces. You should get your hands wet with cold water in making small balls of sushi rice into your palm. With one or two pieces of fish, press it into the rice ball and shape it into a log. The proper way of eating, the Nigiri roll is dipping it into soy sauce.

Serving the Vegetarian Roll for the Vegans…

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You will need rice vinegar, nori seaweed sheets, sesame oil, cucumber strips, cooked short-grain rice, toasted sesame seeds, cooked sweet potatoes. You would need to combine the rice vinegar with the sesame oil in a mixing bowl. But before letting the mixture marinate for several hours, add the cucumber strip. Using a blender, blend the sweet potatoes until they’re creamy and smooth. Then, placing a half cup of sushi rice onto a plastic sheet, contour it into the size of a nori sheet. Don’t forget to place the sheet on the top of the sushi rice, then your potatoes spread on top before sprinkling with your sesame seeds. Roll it up, after placing the cucumber strips in the middle. Chill it for several hours before slicing and serving to your esteemed guest.

Making sushi is fun and easy but if don’t have the time you can always have some caterer for you at a right price.

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