The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Catering at Pepper Plantation

Posted on May 4, 2012


Congratulations if you decided to have an outdoor wedding as it invokes romance and beauty! However, it isn’t as easy as they may gorgeously look. Outdoor weddings come with a boxful of extra caveats and pitfalls, but if you follow our recommendation, you will surely shine on your wedding day.

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The Pepper Plantation has amazing amenities offered like a barn-inspired ‘Pavilion’ which is located on majestic landscaped grounds, which is an ideal venue for your memorable wedding event.

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  • Making Your Guests Comfortable

Considering about what the weather will likely at the time of day and month of the year of your selected outdoor wedding. Cold and dry? The Pavilion has comfortable deep low country-style porches, massive fireplace and fire-pit to keep your guests warm. Don’t leave your guests uncomfortably chilling.

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How about if sunny and hot? You can direct your ushers to provide your beloved guests with ice-cold bottles of water or a fan that they can use to cool themselves. As they are seated watching over your wedding ceremony beautifully done on The Pavilion’s lakeside lawn and gazebo, you get a unique backdrop of a true Southern outdoor wedding.

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  • Having a Wedding Backup Plan

They say when it rains it pours, so what will you do when it rains? You just can’t go singing Rain! Rain! Go away! The perfect outdoor wedding venue has a reserved indoor location waiting just in case.

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Many Pepper Plantation brides and grooms have opted to celebrate their ceremony outside and reception inside. In a wink of an eye, the tables can be transferred to the back of the reception room during the ceremony.

  • Dealing with the Wind

Another good option for the rain is getting a tent but it won’t hold if it is also a windy day that it might flip over as many outdoor wedding suffer from sudden windy conditions. Make sure that you get a tent that has thick and weighted sides.

Here’s a Pepper Plantation wedding reception still looking magical even during a 70-degree weather in February.

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Also, you should avoid wearing fabrics made of china silks and chiffon for your wedding dress and your bridesmaid in waiting dresses. Don’t forget to tell your hairdresser for a wind proof hairstyle that will prevent you from getting disheveled. The groomsmen can opt to use hair gels to keep their hair kept.

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  • Making Things Looking Nice, Food Tasty and Keeping Your Guests Hydrated Outside

You need to visit the wedding site a week prior your special day to check but no worries because Pepper Plantation is known for its well-maintained, grass mowed, raked, and blooming grounds.

Get a wedding caterer that has a commendable planning experience for delicious outdoor wedding menu.

Alcoholic drinks is dehydrating, a serving of different kinds of lemonades, flavored teas, and fruit punches is recommendable. Just ensure to have an available water and ice around as well.

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  • Don’t Forget to Make Memories of Your Wedding Day

The Pavilion at Pepper Plantation is a great venue to host your special day. Remember to enjoy your wedding day as a new chapter of your marriage life is just beginning to unfold.

charleston sc wedding venues

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