Charleston SC Wedding: Unique Wedding Receptions Ideas

Posted on April 25, 2012


Charleston SC WeddingEver dreamed of having a fairytale wedding of your own like none other you have ever been invited to? You need not to be afraid to attempt on something that is totally you and something never done before.

We at Charleston SC Wedding would recommend first that you need to list down things that describe you as a couple such as your likes and dislikes, the music you both enjoy listening to, the moviesCharleston SC Wedding you’ve watched together, a favorite era that you both can live in, favorite holiday, season, a fantasy world that you both wished to come true and activities that you both enjoy doing together. Once you have unraveled each of your personal style the next thing you need to work on is developing a wedding-day theme.

Developing the theme does not have to be something mind boggling as a beach wedding where you have sea shells for placement card holders, sea food servings, and et cetera. But it should focus on a object that you can use to inspire the whole wedding day like a particular color, a heirloom, a precious gem, a certain movie film because the two of you first met each other on a movie theater watching the same movie or you may love nightfall so must that you host your wedding ceremony at night have the wedding programs designed with stars and in the shades of midnight blues (from light blue to dark shades of blues) and have your reception venue inside a planetarium where you can request the curator to set up the whole room into a star-filled sky . Want more ideas? Here are awesome ways to host a once in a lifetime celebration.

“It’s All About Location, Location, Location”

Charleston SC Wedding

In finding the perfect wedding venue for Mr. or Ms. Right is the biggest challenge as to host your fun and formal affair that you have always been dreaming of. Just deciding to host the wedding in a hot ballroom will give a very distinctive tone than having it happen inside an old weathered barn of your grandparent’s out in nowhere farm.

Find that particular special venue liking scouting historic Charleston SC wedding venues, movie theaters, classy restaurants, art museums, chic nightclubs, or penthouse’s gardens with breathtaking city view. It is best to get reception ideas in your local area! Or be yet magical transform a space you have selected into something different by setting up customized screens to give an effect of different environments for dinner and dancing. Even changing the ambiance from one area to the next one with the help of the lightning effects, for example having one room with personalized paper lanterns hanging beautiful from the ceiling while the next may be interior designed with romantic red shaded lampshades as the center piece of the tables.

“Develop a Wedding Theme”

Charleston SC Wedding

Searching a similar musical note to play around the essentials of your wedding from your wedding invitations to the actual wedding party will help you host a production of your life that is truly unforgettable. Try a circus themed ball infusing your theme from the venue of the reception which can be a put up tent that interior is decorated to look like a carnival tent with a rink at the center of the structure and have guests come in costumes such as lion tamer, acrobats, so on and so forth.

“Create A One of A Kind Guest Book”

Charleston SC Wedding

Having a cool photo booth set up at the wedding reception so that your guests, friends and family have their own pictures taken in individual or group shots. The amazing outcome are a little like a silent home video. Whether you pose  prim and proper, or try make wacky faces you’ll be caught on tape showing your individuality. Then make a compilation into a one of a kind visual wedding-day guest book, composed of photographs that will be surely treasured by the blushing brides and dashing grooms for years to come.

“The Decor Says It All.”

Charleston SC Wedding

The wedding vibe is dictated by the decor and interior of the wedding reception. Decorating your wedding space with golden ornaments and dozens of red roses will evoke romance while if you are trying to achieve casual chic, try setting candles floating in pools of water filled with flowers floating while a violinist plays in the background.

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