Charleston SC Wedding Caterers: How to Cater on a Wedding Budget

Posted on April 16, 2012


Clever caterers know that the one part of a wedding where a large amount of cash can be saved is the food. To cater a on a wedding budget is a delicate task that entails bargaining quality and reasonableness.

Charleston SC Wedding Caterers: “Go Off Season”

Charleston SC Wedding

You have been fantasizing for a July wedding for your entire life but the problem is, everyone else has been also been dreaming the same thing. If you decide to put your wedding on peak season months of May to October, you will have to difficult time in finding an affordable caterer.  To cater on a wedding budget you will need to pull out your creativity and resourcefulness about the venue and the special date. Consider hosting your even during the cold months instead of the summer days, or on a Wednesday instead of a weekend. If you’re opting for brunch instead of a dinner reception or an outdoors lunch instead of an expensive hotel reception can really help you save money. For potential wedding deal discounts you should keep an eye out for newly opened venues or rookie caterers trying to make a breakthrough in the catering industry but also keep in mind that selecting a rookie caterer or venue has its drawbacks and may not be worth the saving investments.

Charleston SC Wedding Caterers: “Save for Modest Food”

Charleston SC Wedding

To cater a on a wedding budget you will need to save for modest food no matter when you choose to host your wedding. Immediately perform cost cutting by limiting your food serving selection to only white meat or vegan options. Avoid extravagant appetizers like Almas Caviar estimated at $25,000 for 1 kg, and sacrifice any desserts other than your wedding cake. Unless you have already agreed a pricing per head and not on consumption with you wedding caterer, you can have a buffet food serving. If you’re really tight budget and low for cash, host a dessert reception that includes sweets, cookies, and wedding cake slices, all of which can be provided at cheap cost by a local bakery.

Charleston SC Wedding Caterers: “Limit your Alcoholic Beverages

Charleston SC Wedding

Budgeting for alcohol may very well become a tough job next to food when attempting to cater on a wedding budget. Instantly abolish the open bar option and throw away the idea of having wine servings included in the dinner. You can save your alcohol woes when you choose a venue where you can be able to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Another cheap-cost option is selecting to serve bar beer and wine that is only open before dinner and during the dancing hours post dinner. Always close the bar an hour prior to the end of your wedding to cost cutting extra charges and safeguard that your guests will leave your party without being too drunk.

Charleston SC Wedding Caterers: “Using Wedding Connections”

Charleston SC Wedding

If you have not employed a wedding planner, contemplating doing so. This might be all-encompassing counter-instinctive, but you may really find yourself saving serious cash by employing the connection of a well-regarded wedding expert. Most organizers have affiliations with caterers who offer discounts in exchange for referrals. For a minimal fee, your planner may be able to set you up with a caterer at a extremely discounted rate that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own.

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