Charleston SC Wedding Top 8 Things Each Bride Should Bear in Mind before the Wedding Day

Posted on April 4, 2012


Each bride will feel rather excited and busy before the wedding day. You will imagine the life after getting married. You may chat with your mother and hold a party with your girlfriends. You even cannot fall asleep throughout the night. However, girls, remember to get some things ready before the wedding day. Just make sure your wedding can be held under the best condition! Below, you definitely see some crucial wedding catering matters that need to be kept in mind. Just take a look.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 1: Re-Check the Wedding Catering Plan

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At the night before the wedding day, you should re-check the wedding catering plan carefully. Think about whether there is something neglected or not. Remember carefully the whole procedure on the next day to avoid any accident because of being too nervous or hasty.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 2: Remind the Staff

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Remind the dresser and hairstylist to arrive at the wedding place on time. And check with them about the makeup and hairstyle with them, avoiding any possible delay. Aside from this, you will also need to contact the chief organizer of your wedding ceremony. The best communication between you is necessary, in order to make sure each procedure will proceed orderly.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 3: Pay Attention to Your Diet

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The bride is strongly recommended to take some mild food one day before the wedding. Too greasy or frying food should be avoided. Something simple yet nutrient can be taken before the breakfast, such as sandwiches, egg and milk. Don’t eat tea, coffee or any drink that may protect you from falling asleep at night. Have your supper early. In this case, you won’t be difficult to go to sleep because of a bloating stomach. Aside from this, don’t drink too much water after 10PM because it may cause an edema on your face!

Charleston SC Wedding Top 4: Some Beauty Treatment will be Necessary

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One day before the wedding ceremony, you can emphasize on nursing your face, hands and feet. Use facial masks that you have been accustomed to and then have a bath. It’s okay to add some sesame oil into the bathtub, helping your whole body relax. At last, it’s of great importance to remove the hair on armpit, hands and feet. Make sure to show your whitest complexion on your big day.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 5: Have a Goodnight Sleep with Lavender

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Even though most brides realize the significance of a great sleep, they still cannot fall asleep because of feeling rather nervous. In this case, have a bottle of warm milk or chamomile tea please. Besides, shed some lavender aromatherapy onto the pillow. It can help you relax and have a great sleep easily.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 6: Charge your Phone.

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Some brides-to-be pay enough attention onto their wedding gowns, yet neglect some small details. At the night before the wedding day, you should charge your phone. As the wedding ceremony will last for more than ten hours, you will need to contact your bridesmaids, friends and relatives anytime. Make sure the battery for your phone is full.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 7: Take some Personal goods

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Except cosmetics, you will also need to take some private goods. They refer to items that you are accustomed to use. If you wear contact lens, prepare another pair of contact lens and also eye drops. Except these, deodorant can be also taken, in order to help you keep the best state while completing the procedure.

Charleston SC Wedding Top 8: Take Some Snacks

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The route will be rather compact on the wedding day. You may not have time to have a meal. So, the bride can take some snacks they love, such as biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit etc. The key point is that these snacks are small, which can be eaten conveniently. They satisfy your hunger and won’t affect your makeup.

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